Beyond Elevated Special – First Training Series – Net-Working, A Marketing Strategy

Ditch The Pitch with Laura Templeton

We know that network marketing is all about relationships, in fact many refer to it as relationship
marketing. Building relationships is the key to a thriving network marketing business and networking is one of the fastest ways to meet the most people and to build and nurture those relationships. (Notice I didn’t say anything about selling, because it is not about that. The sooner you learn that, the better off you will be.)

It is with great pleasure and deep appreciate for what my friends at Beyond Elevated are doing for the network marketing industry that I welcome you to this first training series of many for the Beyond Elevated community. In this series, Net-working, a Marketing Strategy, we’ll be exploring networking from the perspective of building a network that will help you grow both professionally, personally, and most definitely financially.

In this four-part series we’ll be exploring the following:

  1. Is your net-working for you? Casting your net wide enough to connect with the right people and
    knowing who they are.
  2. Finding your net and working it. Exploring the different types of networking opportunities and
    figuring out where you feel most comfortable, then going for the uncomfortable.
  3. Connecting with your network. Building relationships with the people in your network, the
    know, like, and trust that leads to sales without asking.
  4. Give your network a reason to talk about you. Making a positive impression that keeps them
    talking and sending referrals your way.

I’m Laura Templeton, CEO and Founder of 30 Second Success, your host for this series. With over 15 years of experience in the networking marketing industry, I am passionate about helping business owners, professionals, and sales teams make deeper connections with more people quickly. 

Very early in my network marketing career I learned to use networking to connect with people and market my business in a way that didn’t put people off. I learned from amazing mentors and top trainers in the industry just how important relationships are to business. Through consistent effort and professional development, I learned to build connections that have supported me, inspired, me and helped me grow personally, professionally, and financially.

It was through networking that the opportunity to launch 30 Second Success, a company focusing on helping people craft a 30 second message for networking and video, presented itself. Having been involved for many years with a local networking organization, I was invited to step into a leadership role.It was in this role that it came to my attention that most people struggle to effectively communicate who they are in 30 seconds or less and members were searching for help.

I love to write, I personally know the people in my network, and I am not shy when it comes to talking in front of a crowd. I stepped up, started offering my services, and word got out that I was helping people.  Soon requests were coming from all over for me to help other people and organizations. I now coach individuals, present workshops and speak to organizations and sales teams about your 30 second  message and networking.