Lyndon Biernoff – Jeunesse Global

Double Diamond Lyndon Biernoff

Beyond Elevated has the pleasure of speaking to thousands of entrepreneurs and network marketers frequently.  We hear about up and coming leaders and new direct sales companies regularly, and enjoy seeing their success.  Even though the 2018 Mercedes S560 is spectacular, there is something magical and nostalgic about the 1950 Mercedes 350SL.  Lyndon Biernoff is that classic Mercedes to Network Marketing, but don’t let his 30 years in the industry fool you.  He is wiser, sharper, and more eager to break boundaries than ever before.  You can tell quickly during this interview that his best is still yet to come.

Lyndon explains how the network marketing industry has evolved over the past 3 decades, however some simple truths still remain the same.  Currently he feels that there is more opportunity than ever before with the innovations of the internet and social media.    

We are starting to see a consistent message at Beyond Elevated when it comes to being successful.  The ones who enjoy helping others succeed more than themselves tend to climb the mountain of success faster.  Lyndon Biernoff is a prime example of what servant leadership is all about.


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