Network Marketing Sensation Desiree Coluzzi

Network Marketing Sensation Desiree Coluzzi

About Desiree Coluzzi

Desiree Coluzzi is a native of New Jersey and apart from being an amazing network marketing professional, she’s also a superb mom, and a wonderful wife. She left her corporate job as a pharmaceutical sales rep five years ago to start her journey as a network marketer. She first joined a company as a network marketer in 2011 and while she’s no longer with them, it was there she realized she had a gift for network marketing.

Today she’s with Isagenix, a Health and Wellness Company, and while her previous place was great, it is Isagenix she was truly able to call home.

Entrepreneurial vs. Corporate Life

One of the things Desiree loves about being an entrepreneur is the fact that she gets to be her own boss and create her own schedule. When you become an affiliate or join a network marketing company, you have to take charge and take ownership. While her job as a pharmaceutical sales rep did come with some training, the skills and mindset she gained as a network marketer were ones she has been able to apply to all aspects of life.

Corporate life is also more taxing and more stressful than entrepreneurial life. You have to write and submit reports, show up to meetings and ride-along, all of which can create a lot of anxiety. But with network marketing, all of the work Desiree put in felt like it was worth something because she had a passion for it and that made all the difference.

There’s nothing wrong with being in a 9-5, but when you first start out as a network marketer, you get to a point where you have to make a decision between being a fulltime network marketer, or if you want to stick to your career. Here are some tips that might help with that decision making;

  • Don’t be so quick to quit your job

If you’re just getting into network-marketing, you should never be so quick to quit your regular job. Just because you see experienced network-marketers earning a lot of money doesn’t mean that you’ll be making that amount from the start. It takes time to learn to be a successful marketer. The good thing is that you earn as you go, and even if you mess up, no one’s going to fire you. Just take your time to learn from mentors and those who have been at it longer than you have.

  • Figure out why you want to go into network marketing

Knowing why you want to go into network marketing can go a long way in turning you into a successful network marketer. For Desiree, she joined Isagenix to replace her income but all the changes in her pharmaceutical jobs left her feeling stressed out and unfulfilled and she decided to quit her corporate job and become a full-time networker. A year later, she was making the same amount that took 15 years to get to as a pharmaceutical rep.

  • Have a Good Support System

It is important to have family, friends and loved ones that’ll be ready to support your decision to become a network marketer. The transition from pharm-rep to network-marketer was made easier because Desiree had a very supporting husband.

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