Randy Hedge Interview With Beyond Elevated

Over the years Randy Hedge has become as important to network marketing as boots are to a cowboy.  His abilities stretch far beyond telling clever jokes at Stream conventions and being a dignitary of one of the organizations largest teams.  Randy has mastered the art of relating his personal network marketing experiences with simplistic creativity and unique stories.  Watching Randy work a crowd is like witnessing Michelangelo with a paintbrush.  The audience hangs on every word as he masterfully reminiscences through hilarious memoirs while giving the listeners honest guidance on upcoming challenges approaching.  Randy gave Beyond Elevated the opportunity for a rare exclusive interview.

As I get older I admire and envy how aware Randy is about the current state of his life.  Randy has fully embraced his morality and while many of us squint at the thought of the metaphorical light, he removes his legendary cowboy hat and looks in the sky with eyes wide open.  For over 25 years he has given network marketing sermons about the importance of residual income and building a business that can be passed down from generation to generation.  During this interview you can see how much he cherishes his family and recognizes the years spent on grinding for residual income has not only created freedom for himself, but will leave a long lasting legacy.  Randy reminds you of the wise turtle from Kung Fu Panda, the 4th quarter is approaching and he is going to put on a show for the ages!


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