Sage Karam Interview – Making it to The Top

This is only the beginning!

Often times, we hear a lot from entrepreneurs, athletes, and leaders that have already reached the pinnacle in their chosen profession. But we rarely hear about the struggles it took these people to get to where they are now. You hardly hear the stories of people that are constantly changing, and constantly reinventing themselves so that they can be amazing at what they do. Thanks to our exclusive interview with IndyCar driver Sage Karam, you have a chance to get an in-depth perspective of what it takes to make it to the top.

About Sage Karam

23 years old Sage Karam is a professional IndyCar racer who just made his fifth Indianapolis start a couple of weeks ago. Despite his age, Sage Karam is already considered a veteran in the world of IndyCar racing which is an incredible feat on its own. Mr. Karam hails from Nazareth Pennsylvania, home to the Andretti’s (and a host of other racing families), so it’s no surprise that he also decided to go into racing too.

How it All Started

Growing up around a lot of racing families and racing legends must have greatly influenced young Karam. His first lap in a go-kart was at age four. You might be thinking little races around the yard, but no, at four he was already racing go-karts. You could say he’s been a racer his whole life.

Sage Karam was also an exceptional athlete in high school competing in all sorts of sports like baseball, football, and wrestling. Although he dabbled in several different sports in high school (due to his genuine love of athleticism), his friends, family, and those around could see that he had a real talent for racing. And slowly but surely, all his focus started being directed towards racing.

Sage Karam


Making Sacrifices to Get to the Top

Getting to the top as a professional athlete involves making a lot of sacrifices, something Mr. Karam had to learn from a young age. Thanks to social media, almost everything you say or do is recorded and seen by millions of people and for someone like Sage, a professional athlete who is always in the spotlight, his moves are almost always being watched. While he could hang out with his friends whenever there was a chance, regular teenage activities like going to high school parties was not something he could partake in. His days included training regularly to remain in top physical and mental form. His parents also had to make a lot of financial sacrifices so he could follow his dreams. Today all of those sacrifices are paying off and Sage Kareem is a known name in the world of IndyCar Racing.,


When people take a look at successful athletes, they see the money, the fame, and all the glamor. What they fail to notice is all the time, effort, sweat and tears they put in to get to where they are now. To get to the top, you need to be ready to make a lot of sacrifices and most importantly to put in the work.



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