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Beyond Elevated: Creating the change we want to see in Network Marketing

In Network Marketing no one likes to be misunderstood. Yet there probably isn’t an industry more misunderstood than network marketing. It’s a problem. A perception problem.

The truth is, network marketing is a viable, honest business model. It’s one of the only ways to start and own a business without substantial risk and investment.

There are great companies out there providing opportunities that are changing lives. But for every ten great companies and leaders, there is one out there harming the reputation of the industry with their poor and even unethical practices.

It is for this reason and because of our belief in this industry that Beyond Elevated was created. To spread truth. To shine light on all that is good and add a level of transparency and accountability that will cause individuals, companies, and the industry as a whole to step up their game.

Beyond Elevated is an independent voice of truth and reason. We are a platform that can help individuals and companies share more of their story. In working together, we believe we have the power to change how the world perceives an industry that at its core is a powerful, positive force for good.

Online reviews matter, so let’s do something about it.

Social media and online marketing is extremely powerful. It allows companies to get their message to the masses with minimal effort. But just as quickly as it helps build business, it has the same power to take them down.

Over 50% of adults in the U.S. turn to online reviews before making a purchase or decision. If you were to do a search now, what would the reviews be saying about you or your company?

There are whole strategies that are involved in cleaning up your online presence but part of that is having more positive content out there, especially when it comes from an independent source. And that’s where we come in.

Changing industry perception takes teamwork.

Let’s be honest, there is only so much you (as a network marketer or network marketing company) can say and still be compliant with industry regulations. This leaves you limited in sharing your message. However, Beyond Elevated is an independent source that can tell your story without the same limitations. We can highlight your wins, validate your successes, and add credibility to future prospects. And we do it in a way that makes it entertaining and easy to share.

Here are a few of the services we offer that will help you share your story.

Industry News: Stay informed with an unbiased look into who’s doing what.

Spotlights & Recognition: Shine light on leaders and companies doing great things.

BE Diggs (think MTV Cribs): See what it’s like to live like a millionaire.

Recognition Trips: Share a highlight reel of your trips rewarding the money makers.

Events: Expand your reach with live coverage of company events.

Podcast Interviews: Tell your story and tips that got you there. (Listen To Our Podcast Here).

Member Profiles: Make it easy to share who you are and what you’ve accomplished.

Company Profiles: Let prospects get to know you at a glance.

In addition to these services, we are creating a community of transparency and authenticity to encourage the right kind of change and help elevate all who are doing good in industry and squelch those who are contributing to the negative perception.

We are committed to spreading truth. Truth that will create accountability and opportunity for the industry as a whole. We love network marketing and believe this industry has the power to change lives. We believe that what we’re doing will help improve the perception and create more opportunity for all of us, as a whole.

Join us in our quest to be more.

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